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The first ever decentralized with unique booster

The best decentralized system enables you to multiple your TRON in a smart way. Integration of smart contract with block chain technology ensures the genuine and transparent system the genuine and transparent system

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Smart contract with block chain technology

Smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contract allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties.


E- Plus smart contract features

Low investment high returns

Invest a small amount and get income repeatedly through rebirth in all levels

Referral not compulsory

No compulsory referral for earnings and withdrawal or any other.

One time Algorithm

Compensations plan and other derived conditions cannot be changed after launching.


All transactions can be verified on the block chain. Every user can verify their individual transactions and statistics of company is completely transparent.

Peer to Peer payments

Get your earnings directly into your personal wallet without any interruption

How it works

    By joining you will be eligible for below incomes

  • Auto fill matrix income
  • Sponsor income
  • Special sponsor bonus income

Autofill Matrix Income

  • You will get matrix income of 210 TRX from 3 global members.
  • Re - Birth enables you to exist in the same level to earn non stop passive income.

    Sponsor income

  • Get 70 TRX from your each direct referral
  • No limitations for direct referrals
Special Sponsor income

Get 70 TRX as special sponsor income in addition to your sponsor bonus for every 4th direct referral.


Unique booster concept enables your autofill income quicker and keep moving the matrix.